I wanted to see them for all the tips lol. Thanks so much for sharing. Dont assume you have to use the basic table the event organizer provides. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Color, lighting, line & composition, scale, contrast, repetition, humour, nostalgia, motion or surprise? Great minds think alike There are lots of ideas that small businesses can borrow form the big boys & girls!~Erin. Bigger wooden ladders could be used in place of a table. Open some of the drawers, which act as display space, and keep other drawers closed with overstock in them. On the other side, if your eyes are down as you walk by, the flower paint spilled on the sidewalk will lead your eye into the window in the reverse direction. What you are saying makes perfect sense. for display space within a larger booth or behind your table. It can get a little visually messy if a coat rack is used for simply housing stock (I tried this technique for my handbags and they were usually a tangled mess by the end of the day). Sweet Stamp Shop. Color is the best way to catch the eye, evoke an emotion, and even tell a story (e.g. Lets say the prop idea cake and cupcake stand caught the attention of the following craft show vendors: In theory, cake stands and cupcake stands could work as props for all three types of vendors. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acf27f87872bac491bdac27bbb7e9118" );document.getElementById("g2d44f8569").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *. I explain how shes successfully created flow and share more photos of her displays at the end of this article. Check out their website and products; the details are amazing. Cardboard, foam, paper mache, etc. very Helpful. Made Urban newsletter. just to hang items for the display. Using display elements that contrast product features can draw attention to product features you want to highlight. USED AT A CRAFT SHOW: Add to Favorites Previous page Current page . Add To Cart. I hope this list of craft show display ideas will spark your creativity and make your next show a success. ; Afrikaans; Alemannisch; ; ; ; Aragons; ; Armneashti; Arpetan . A shoe rack could add extra shelf space on top of your table. I own the content and the photos of my work. It gives you more height and shelf space to work with. Repeat colors from your products in your props, signage, images, tablecloth, etc. For larger pieces, display them like art on shelves. I have two babies graduating in two months.one from high school and one from college. A freestanding towel rack can be used for any products that can be draped over the rods. Create lots of inventory with a little something for everyone. Annalisa Create. But you always want to keep your display on-brand. 33 Best Christmas Card Holder Ideas - How to Display Holiday Cards. I would welcome any tips, information on where to purchase display equipment as well as stall/display pictures so that i can get some ideas. Copyright Made Urban 2020. I think I might overdo it this weekend hahaha oh well. I am going to bring my encyclopedias that i chalk painted beach colors to display some mini art to show how it fits in the home look. If they dont know how to get something out of a contraption or worry theyll break something, theyll continue to look, but not touch. Recipe boxes would be cohesive with the theme. But if the space has limited lighting, adding lights to your display will help it stand out. Don Fisher was started by Julia Castao (and her boyfriend helps where he canlike dressing up as Captain Don Fisher). If you sign up for that, you can directly email me with any questions along the way. I make natural Stone jewelry with copper and brass and Sterling silver, I have chosen the natural theme. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7e7a07a3abfa933d0ace9929c1144e1" );document.getElementById("g2d44f8569").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *. Keep us updated on what you try and your results . Check how you can create this fork card holder by following these steps. Erin. This article is so helpful and exactly the direction I needed. anyone can help me please my email is onemiamia@hotmail.com. Card Displays Wedding Ceremony Programs Green Bead White Wedding Wedding Cards Pink Purple Basket Vintage Beaded White Wedding Card or Program Basket - Green beads reflecting blue, pink, purple, and yellow, with white wire trim - ery unique beaded basket. An element of surprise is involved in many of the ideas above but you can make an even bigger impact by creating a moment shoppers arent expecting at a craft show. Now the shopper can imagine how beautiful the vendors candles will look in their home and know exactly how to display them. Join over 18,000 others and sign up for the. But lets look at their brands first and who they typically sell to: The soap maker has a nature-inspired brand. Okay. sometimes I even use my market tent without the roof and walls. Thanks! Ill teach you how to create a display that sells in MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS. The photos are actually taken from this blog: hmvm.co.uk She gave me permission to use her lovely pics of store windows to explain my points. (Image source: Big props create color and interest through needles knitting a pattern at H&M and promote the knits they have in-store. Jars could be used to display anything from bars of soap or bath bombs to rolled up tea towels or dishcloths. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 56 Best Card Displays ideas in 2022 | greeting card display, display cards, craft fair displays Card Displays 56 Pins 4w S Collection by Sheila Gray Similar ideas popular now Craft Show Booth Craft Booth Display Craft Fair Booth Display Craft Market Display Craft Fairs Booth Craft Fair Displays Craft Display Craft Booths Display Ideas Comic Display Craft Booths. All Wedding & Party. Help shoppers imagine what they might wear the scarf with (e.g. Im so tired of reading, add color, go vertical over and over again. Or lay them on their side to create a little mini shelf on your table. These ideas are in my ebook MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS. I hope you are still responding to this. Although there are many photos out there that are great examples of the techniques I share, it can often be difficult to find the original source of the photo, find contact information, and/or get permission to share the photo on Made Urban. I bring it everytime and lose my nerve, help. Go big or go home lmao. (Image source: Depending on which way someone approaches this Harvey Nichols window, their eye is either drawn to the brightly lit group of 3 mannequins and then follows the angled line and writing to the 2nd group of mannequins or the opposite; the contrast of the white hashtag on the black background grabs the eye first and leads it down the angled work hard, play hard line to the 3 mannequins. They sell a variety of humorous, colorfully illustrated greeting cards but mainly focus on birthday cards. I have 9 6 tall black grates to hang artwork and i will be hanging fish netting over those. What do you suggest? You can also create a contrast to the surroundings. This is probably the most obvious place for many people. ~Hi Pat! Uniquely Yours Jewelry, Pingback: How to Apply to Craft Shows like a PRO - Made urban. There are many ways you can use pegboard in your display if youre willing to get crafty. More examples are shared in the free email challenge: 5 DAYS TO A STANDOUT DISPLAY. A solid piece of wood can be attached to the back and the unit positioned so the shutters are angling up. displayed in the small drawers. I just signed up to do my first craft show in November! Typically, the fewer colors used, the stronger the impact (and the easier it is to create a cohesive display). Im having trouble with naming . If they are stacked people tend to not flip thru the pile and if i have them spread out they take up a lot of room and after one gets moved the table looks like a mess. All Rights Reserved. You could use a side rail from an old crib, turned so the bars are horizontal and hang examples of each pattern from the bars. The first sale is more fall season stuff, the second one is Halloween themed, and the third one is Christmas themed. It was fun watching what people looked at and in what order. The things you read and see here are my original content and are not endorsed by Stampin' Up! The light fixtures and light draw attention to each individual shoe at Charlotte Olympia. Great. You can use the tabletop for display space, as well as the drawers if one or two are opened. Pick up an empty wooden frame at a thrift store or garage sale; then, measure, cut, and affix a rectangular piece of pliable chicken wire (available at most home improvement and craft stores) to the back. This smart and simple display from Meghan Makes Do utilizes IKEA's popular pegboards, which are available in 3 sizes, for vertical displays. Hey Erin, my first craft show is in March, and Ive just started thinking about my display!!! One basket would show a photo of the bear blanket and inside the basket would be the different colors of bear blankets you offer. Im in the midst of re-doing my display and got some new ideas, so thank you. Or a vendor selling cleaning supplies could use it to display their products. Odd numbers tend to be more pleasing so ifyoure going to repeat an element, repeating it 3, 5 or 7 times is the way togo. But if you already own the ebook, you'll find a few NEW ideas, examples, and sketches in this article. Then incorporate a few elements from above into your display, such as: color (create a blue and pink display to signify a girls or boys party), nostalgia (add a couple props that remind parents of their birthday parties and the games they may have played) and surprise (a birthday table with balloons and streamers would seem out of place at a craft fair and catch a shoppers attention). (Image Source: VM), Gucci directs spotlights on each mannequin to make their bold colors stand out even more (Image source: VM), Macys uses light bulbs and their cords to create a tree design and add extra lighting to the window. It not only breaks the ice but allows a customer feel at ease in your booth will stay longer, and therefore purchase more. This Moschino window brings us right back to playing dress-up with our Barbies. Success! Sadly, in all my research to date I have yet to find any unique ideas on how to display my stained glass (lamps, panels, ornaments). Sometimes selling personalized / customized product at an event can seem a bit trickier but you do get more space to have fun with your display. Thats a great question. I first noticed them because of their craft show display, I just think its so smart and creative. This could also be done with bathroom items to display bath & body products. Please try again. I need to put some thought into doing more than laying items out on tables. (Image source: VM), Movement is implied in this windy Hackett window, creating an interesting scene to stop and look at. If you have a way to hang window frames or screens within your space, you can then hang items from the frames or hook them to the screen. That should be played up in your display. Apr 1, 2016 - This is a free very well illustrated step by step guide you need for making your own greeting card display stand just in time for that craft fair. Required fields are marked *. I was thinking of using my logo colors (gold and tiffany blue/mint) in my display! Its interesting the idea of branding. Wooden Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand This Wooden Two-Sided Panel Jewelry Display Stand is perfect for displaying your accessories while on the go! Any suggestions? The crisp, clean Alexander McQueen dress stands out in contrast to the dark background. I also love your suggestion for Mia (CHALK IT UP), good idea! Even if you are using a signage of something like all stuff is below $2, shoppers are sometimes distracted from looking at other products and talking with their friends that the signs are sometimes missed especially in large craft shows where they get crowded. Pots and planters can be turned upside down to act as a riser, or used right side up to place stock in. There are several other articles on our site as well as an ebook MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS: https://www.madeurban.com/Make-More-Money-at-Craft-Fairs/ if youre looking for real world examples. objects in a display. And be sure electrical cords wont be a tripping hazard (you may want to bring Gaffer tape if your cord will run along the floor where people walk). So happy to hear you found the ideas and sketches helpful Love all the additional ideas shared in the commentskeep them coming! I will be trying the drawer idea to display my scarves and hats. I have beautiful drapes/scarf for the entrance and curtains for a backdrop, but I always chicken out on using them. You could even remove some drawers, creating cubbies for display space. Repeat that pyramid shape using jars of cream and bottles of bubble bath), Be drawn in at the front of your space by a showstopper. I have no idea how I should set up my table, but hopefully these tips will help! Vintage suitcases can be left open and stock displayed inside. Try testing your new-found knowledge. Baskets are an obvious choice for grouping and merchandising a variety of products. (Image source: French Connection UK uses its F.C.U.K campaign to have some fun with phrases that will make you chuckle and maybe even shock you at first glance. Sale Whitewash Wood Easel $18.99 $9.49. See more ideas about greeting card display, craft show displays, craft fair displays. something I could, if needed, set up and take down on my own. (Image source: VM). Artfairdisplays (201) $1,875.00 The Ultimate Craft Show Organizer Digital Download discusses Planning, Organizing, Display Set Up, Branding, and includes Marketing Material Dezartisan (24) $4.99 Gift Card Stand, Display Sand 3 Tier, Greeting Card Stand, Wood Counter Display, Trade Craft Display, Multiple Card Stand OakHillWoodCreations (190) But otherwise, cake stands arent on-brand with environmentally friendly soaps, or sophisticated and elegant jewelry. She clearly has a talent for creating compositions and photography. (Image source: VM). No artificial flavors, no sugar, no harsh chemicals in their home, etc. USED IN RETAIL: The craft show vendors with lots of inventory get the customers. Free candy can rope in a whole crowd of people who might have otherwise walked past your booth. (Image source: A giant whoopee cushion uses humor, scale and nostalgia to make you take notice of Fred Perrys back to school childrens clothes. The jewelry maker has an elegant and sophisticated brand. Even though theyre not seeing the hat and scarf modeled on a person or bust form, the mind has an easier time imagining how those items would look together. I also display some of my pricing in picture frames. Imagine a stack of books sitting in a circular tray. I already implement most of these ideas but I have a hard time convincing my husband that I need to UP my decor and entrance. Repeat a product that is displayed (e.g. I sell things for small kids and babies, like burp rags, bibs, flower hair clips, headbands, cute messenger bags and totes, pacifier clips, zipper pouches, diaper covers, etc., and I use bright colors in my products. Took the 5 day challenge and made a profit at the last sale., I applied some steps from the challenge and it was AMAZING, it really helped and improved my display. Hi Loretta,Sorry about the trouble youre having downloading the ebook. I love that you mentioned cakestands. ~Erin. The absence of color is another way to stand out, letting your products do the talking. Pinterest. Lighting is important and can add interest to your display as well as allowing people to clearly see the designs and colours pop. Tablecloths tend to come in pretty basic colors and prints, but you have more options when you head to the window covering section. Craft Show Display Ideas Cool Examples And Tips! For example, if you offer a bear, fox and owl blanket. Changing meaning refurbished and the sole purpose of a chalkboard in general.. to erase and change. Clip your Christmas cards to the wire with mini clothespins. White walls, floor, tablecloth, props, and uniform are bound to make shoppers stop and take notice. I was asked to participate in a Craft and Vendor Fair 11-25 & 11-26-16 and I am worried as I dont make a whole lot of money and I want my booth to look great not just thrown together. academyofhandmade.com- academyofhandmade Resources and Information. See more of their photos and an explanation of all the visual merchandising techniques theyve successfully implemented, at the end of this article. Greeting Cards. Sale Black Scallop Metal Easel $9.99 $4.99. How do I make jewelry stand out???? Ive taken on board your oversized display and had thought of putting an applique on the white cloth of a huge vintage sewing machine with our name on. Ive certainly never seen anything like any of these set-ups where Im from in Queensland, thats for sure. 1. Compositions purposefully lead the eye around your booth or table. USED IN RETAIL: Adding larger-than-life elements can immediately grab a shoppers attention. Most people would associate cake stands with words such as: Those words arent necessarily fitting next to: They could fit together but not without some explanation to connect the dots. Display Racks for Craft Shows 2 Packs Tiered Riser Display Shelves for Vendors Black Acrylic Organizer Stand Cardboard Display Stands for Products Collection Desserts Display (3 Tiers) 125 $2299 FREE delivery Tue, Feb 14 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon I tried to make it look cohesive but this seems so professional and I want to do this but cannot for the life of me pick a direction or a theme. My advice is to always start with a unique product. This setup uses line and composition to catch the eye and lead it to other items. What type of message do you want to send to your shoppers? I love the vintage look, what else could I do? Theres a lot more information, instructions, and ideas for your craft show display in MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS. Card displays. I custom make and sell unique wedding garters. Would love to order magazine. You can also add intrigue. You could group several together to create a shelving system that sits on top of your table. Start there to communicate the setting and then add a few elements from above. When a box or crate is turned on its side, you can also add a wooden dowel to the top to add hanging space. When people scan the room, if your products and display are all light colored, theyll see a block of white/cream which does give off a vintage vibe and will help you stand out from other tables. Craft Show Ideas. because theyre so bulky its hard to come up with a good setup when its just a table and not a booth. All these ideas are wonderful! 10' x 10' Outdoor and Indoor Canopy Tent, Pop Up, Square, Aluminum - Custom Graphics. I;m a stampin Up Demostrater. Experiment with what goes where, and look at it from the front as a buyer would, and then also from behind to make sure you have space for your market essentials (cashbox, paper bags, sales book, card machine etc). (Image Source: An all-white window with bright lighting at JOSEPH really catches the eye (Image Source: Color, pattern, lines, and products are all repeated throughout this Louis Vuitton window. Sometimes we get too close to what were doing and need to step back and look at it from another perspective. Freestanding ladder-style ones could house items such as quilts, tea towels, t-shirts, scarves; anything that can hang by folding it over a rung. Add to Favorites More colors Mala 2.0 Necklace Display w/ Custom Logo- 7 Necklaces {wooden display, lasercut display, very . a candle, piece of art) or use the wire cage to hang items from. (Image source: VM). Thanks so much Carlie! I am always on my own and when I think of a display idea my next thought is how to transport, set up/take down, and at home storage. So many people are making jewelry these days! This is a photo from their first craft fair in 2013: Here are a couple of photos from a more recent craft show, after a logo and brand update: In these two displays, there are a lot of well-implemented display techniques but theyve focused on: When I was scrolling through Instagram, Poppiejanes photo of their craft show display instantly caught my eye. Rings Customise your own ring display with a simple wooden box. Thank you for all the neat ideas. If a shopper is looking at your display and thinking: why are these soaps sitting on cake stands? You can sign up for the challenge here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/168295?v=6, Any thoughts on displaying blankets and other large, flat, floppy items? Mini lights wrapped around a tabletop Christmas tree can catch the eye and make a space look festive at a holiday craft show. Thanks for the ideas. However, a booth full of color can also work. As mentioned, the purpose of this article is to get readers thinking outside the box and to spark ideas. If placing a bench in front of your table, ensure its not too deep and doesnt run the entire length of your table. If your brand, theme, or product line is related to food or dining, you could create an entire place setting at your table. (Image source: VM). Any ideas????? They wouldnt want a wicker basket on one side of the table and a blue-painted basket on the other. (Boring). You also need to make the dividers, the same shape as the sides of the box. The photo below is an example of line and composition applied to a smaller grouping within the display. Thanks so much!! Consider your target market and the colors theyre likely to be attracted to. Anthropology even created an entire display out of chairs, stacking and gluing them together, creating shelves and hanging space. Party Supplies . I have Robyns nest, and thats it. If the craft show organizer gives you permission, you could use a smaller table plus a dresser, or a couple of dressers to fit within your space. Color, pattern, lines, and products are all repeated throughout this Louis Vuitton window. Made by cutting an old cardboard box with a craft knife and gluing together with the glue gun. Hooks can be added for hanging hats or handmade zipper pouches. ), Repeat shapes within your display (e.g. I explain how she's successfully created flow and share more photos of her displays at the end of this article. 2. 5 out of 5 stars (992) $ 25.00. Each step creates a small display shelf. They dont always have enough salespeople to help every shopper, so their displays must do the selling for them. Any suggestions? Thanks!! A craft show display with too much variety also starts to look cluttered and messy. >> More craft show display rules, tips, and techniques that encourage shoppers to shop and buy can be found in MAKE MORE MONEY AT CRAFT FAIRS. Your email address will not be published. Put out trays of beads, crystals, and other . Smaller wooden ladders can be placed on top of a table. https://www.madeurban.com/blog/how_to_prepare_for_an_outdoor_market_-_organizers/ Kids Dont forget the kids! For example, if I was selling adult lunch bags, I might find images of lunch snacks that were popular during my target markets school days (e.g. You want shoppers to feel comfortable enough to interact with your products. Poppiejanes sells pillow covers that have a farmhouse vibe; many also have a buffalo theme, incorporating a buffalo shape or buffalo plaid. If your items are smaller, you could cut a piece of board to size to have a flat surface on top of the rack that ensures nothing falls through the bars. But it could also work to display and stock items such as bath & body, knitted goods, etc. Instead of food on the plates, in the bowls, or inside serving dishes, you could display your hottest or yummiest new products. An old bike wheel can be propped up on your table. (Image source: Hairpins are something that might be used with these Hermes scarves. Thank you for providing the tools for me to see that I need to market both of my booths very differently, instead of going mad trying to make one suit both shoppers. I could print those images to scale and glue them to foamcore so they could stand next to a lunch bag in my display. You could also create a vignette within one. Great article! FixtureDisplays 24-Pocket 5.5" Wide Pocket (Fits 5x7") Vertical Spinning Greeting Holiday Card Rack Greeting Card Display Floor Stand Pocket Size: 5.8"Wide X 8"High, 24 Pockets. For stained glass, use an old window (with glass or screen) and hang them. Ill be doing my first craft show this November (I sell handmade cards). (Image source: VM). I was not able to download my purchase of your book. So thank you so much for your perspection. Loved the sketches & all of your ideas. Feel free to CASE my work with a link back to it, but please do not use photos of my work without my permission. (Image source: VM photo credit Melvyn Vincent). You could also keep suitcases closed and stack them on your table to create a platform and add height to your display. I do like life is what you paint it. thank you! Montana Dreamer. You want your craft show display to make immediate sense. (Image source: Movement is implied in this windy Hackett window, creating an interesting scene to stop and look at. ). Some sellers may ignore this but pricing each of your products is important. Grouping a series of paintings or a unified color scheme adds impact and drama. Then work your theme around that message. Pretty colored packaging, color blocking, plus a few bright accessories make an impact in this booth. Ive been selling at craft shows for almost four years and havent ever seen an article cover this topic so well! Ornaments could be hung using fishing line and then tied to the top of a window frame. All of their packaging and ingredients are environmentally friendly and inspired by nature. Display variations on the dresser (tier the drawers open and display more stock IN the dresser). What do you think of when you see a cake stand? What do I do? I have them hinged together and the earrings hang from ribbon i stapled across them. will be trying a few new ones out this weekend! I currently have old barn wood, pallets (not disassembled) and old porch post. Sticking to 3 - 5 types of products, colors, materials, etc. but why not really spice it up and use something out of the ordinary to grab the shoppers eye from across the room. Fans gently blow scarves to show how delicate they are while sunlight highlights the beautiful colors. Cluttered-looking display lacking a story and cohesion ~Good luck on your first craft fair Lisa! A clothing vendor could display stacks of folded t-shirts on top of the board. Also any ideas as to name, logo and display would be very welcome. Nothing can be on the floor. Letter organizers, pencil/pen/paperclip cups, business card holder, etc. Have items to catch a childs eye down low or invest in a bubble gum machine and fill it with sweets. These items can be used as risers, giving you display space on top. 12 Craft Show Tips. Have a banner with your name big enough so people can see it from a distance. CRAFT SHOW PROP RULE #1 - KEEP IT ON-BRAND There are lots of cool ideas out there and your imagination can run wild when it comes to how to use everyday items in your display. Cover your picture frame with colourful threads, yarns, nylons, etc. Im with you Chris! Thanks for reading everyone! Thanks Regards Careen. Business Cards These are so important because it might be the only way potential customers can find you again once they leave your booth. CustomCraftUA. Use a color from one of your scarf collections in the rest of your space to make a strong statement, create an oversized prop, etc. If they used white cake stands, balloons, and decorations, theyd want to add white recipe boxes to display other categories of greeting cards. Thank you so much! Im making baby items, bibs, binkey clips, burp cloths, baby blankets, hair bows and head bands. Ideally, the craft show venue will have good lighting. I sell fabric scarves.any suggestions? Great!!! However, you can still make your booth stand out by being creative on your banner, interior design, tables, etc. It sounds like youll be selling a wide variety of product (which can get a little tricky). If you have a booth, you may have a way to add extra lighting throughout. Im loving it so far! Before we get into the list, here are a few rules to follow when deciding on props for your craft show display: There are lots of cool ideas out there and your imagination can run wild when it comes to how to use everyday items in your display. Hello Erin, Ive done craft shows in my home and did very well but that was 20 years ago. I always like to suggest vendors dress the form when using a life-sized one to display items such as scarves. You could literally draw a continuous line from one display element to the next. If you're looking for something to do this eve come and get some, 5 Creative Ways to Display Greeting Cards - Food Life Design, Life Update + Junkstock: Harvest Edition 2017 - The Anastasia Co. I sell personalized drinkware, glitter items. Personally, I dont think the use of window displays shows you get the struggles people have with craft show displays. I also like your idea of the oversized vintage sewing machine , If you have other questions, or want more direction on finding your message you can sign up for the free challenge, which will also give you access to email me directly: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/168771?v=6, Hi Erin, my daughter (13) is doing her first childrens fair and she has a hard time coming up with a logo and a name. Craft fair display inspiration, a few boxes. Implement some display elements covered above and turn your space into a new world. Repeat colors by displaying color collections, add lighting with a cozy lamp and surprise is build in as people wont be expecting a room setup at a craft fair Greeting Card Holder, Craft Show Display Stand for Postcards, Greeting Card Rack Ad vertisement by CustomCraftUA.